History of the Louisiana Board of Tax Appeals

The Board of Tax Appeals was created in 1937. It is an independent tribunal that is constitutionally created to serve as the trial court for tax disputes, with jurisdiction over all matters related to state or local taxes or fees.  

The Board appoints employees, including a Secretary-Clerk who serves as custodian of its files and records. The Board is authorized to hold hearings and conduct investigations anywhere in the State.

The Board can administer oaths and issue subpoenas, as well as take affidavits. The Board also must follow the same rules of evidence as Louisiana's district courts, but is authorized to set its own procedural rules. A case may be presented to the Board by a CPA, Attorney, or directly by a taxpayer.

Terms and Qualifications of Board Members

Beginning in 2014, the Board is comprised of three (3) attorney members appointed by the Governor. All board members must have experience in tax law (CPA, LLM in Tax, Board Certification, or past service as a Judge). At least one of these two board members shall be certified as a Tax Law Specialist by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization. The board members serve staggered fixed terms of four years.

Historically, the Board was comprised of three (3) members appointed by the Governor to serve fixed six (6) year terms. Two (2) members were originally required to be Louisiana Attorneys and one (1) member was a Louisiana CPA. Before 1977, the Board picked its own Chairperson.

The Board previously had jurisdiction over liquor and beer permits.

The Board's Jurisdiction

  • Claims Against the State (cannot be appealed, but the award is only paid if appropriated by the Legislature)
  • Disputes Concerning Local Sales and Use Taxes
  • Disputes Concerning All State of Louisiana Taxes
    • Personal and Corporate Income taxes
    • Corporate Franchise tax
    • Excise taxes
    • Motor Vehicle taxes
    • Sales and Use taxes

Board Member History

Past BTA Members



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The Board is an independent quasi-judicial entity that comprises three attorney members who are tax law experts appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate.



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It is our top priority to provide taxpayers with an equitable, expeditious, and cost effective forum for the review of their appeals.



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The Board hears and decides appeals concerning State and Local taxes.